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09 Chevy Traverse - Sacramento Valley - California!

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09 Chevrolet Traverse Review

  09 Chevy Traverse at Folsom Chevy  
The new 2009 Chevy Traverse is safe, stylish and comfortable. The camera on the rearview mirror allows the driver to see where they are backing up to so there is no need to turn around. The integration of the camera into the rearview mirror makes it easier to use instead of having to look at the dashboard. The ultrasonic rear parking assist is another way that Chevy has taken the guesswork out of backing up and parking. The Chevy Traverse has all the technology needed to become the best car in its' class.

The seating is roomy as the Chevy Traverse can comfortable seat up to eight people. The distinctive look of the Traverse would does not look like it can seat that many people, but the inside is much roomier than what you would think if looking at the 2009 Chevy traverse from the outside. The front end of the Traverse has an aerodynamic front end that will prevent it from being grabbed by the wind. This makes for an easier drive without having to continually fight the winds and steering problems. The Traverse handles well and drives down the highway without any problems.

The driver's seat is comfortable without losing the sight of all the gauges and controls. The dashboard is arranged for ease of use for the driver. You would never expect it to be luxurious, but the Traverse is a nice eight-passenger vehicle with many of the things onboard you would only expect in a small compact luxury car. The molded interior is not as stellar as what other vehicles have, but the plastic is durable and should last for the life of the vehicle. Even so, the Traverse does offer more safety features than what earlier model Chevy's have to offer.

09 Chevy Traverse interior picture      The blind spot mirrors are just another way Chevy works to achieve a safe vehicle and makes driving easier. The Traverse does not have that red light that blinks and distracts the driver when another car is approaching. It instead has a wide-angle mirror so the driver can see everything with one look. This will improve the driver's edge on cars moving up into the blind spot.

The storage area behind the third row seating is large enough for suitcases, groceries and even baby strollers or golf clubs. The legroom is not lost because of the number of passenger seats. There is also plenty of legroom and storage under the seats for smaller items. The 09 Chevy Traverse has seat belts for every passenger and air bags where they are needed to protect all passengers. The Traverse shines when it comes to comfortable seating and safety features. With all the technology included, the Traverse does promise to be a fine ride with plenty of comfort. The audio system is excellent, which is just another quality feature feature for the Chevy Traverse. In whole, this vehicle is the next step in providing an affordable and comfortable family vehicle with the room of an SUV, but handles as nice a car.

The gas mileage is another plus for Chevy. The Traverse will easily give 24+ miles per gallon on the highway. This is acceptable for gas mileage in a vehicle this size and with so many other features. The Travers will easily pull a boat and not lose that much gas mileage, except maybe on steep inclines and in the mountains. With a superior braking system and a new and improved drive train, towing a camper or boat is easy. The overall rating on the 2009 Chevy Traverse is superior. The Traverse promised to be a smooth ride with more ease for the driver.

09 Chevy Traverse in stock today!

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